Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Its Nigel Jay from Abbey Hey

Saturday was another big day in the history of Fc United. Nope not the 1st cup win. Maybe the fact that there was away fans at Gigg? Nah.
Its was the release date of “An Undividable Glow”, the book charting the start and 1st season of FC United, seen through the eyes of the one and only Mr Robert Brady.
The book starts on Oldham Street on the way to Cardiff and charts the FC cup final, Rob's (and many others) last Utd game, through to the steering group meetings and the official formation of FC United of Manchester. It then goes on to tell the story of the season in a way only Robert knows how to.
I won't let you know what happens (I can't I am only 4 chapters in) but I can say without fear of being wrong, that Robert has written a masterpiece. If you are familiar with his, shall we say, unique writing style, seen in UWS and RI, then you will go straight into it without a problem. If its the 1st time you have been faced with it, it can be a little daunting, but stick with it, it will be rewarding trust me. And also bear in mind, that this is a toned down Brady.
As Robert has said, it is a love story, but that doesn't mean that its all sugary, it is critical at times (from what I have read so far), but it is also funny, touching and moving. I would say that by the end of reading it, it will have had the reader laughing, crying and shaking their heads all on the same page.
Its Manchester born and Manchester read, he wanted it printed in Manchester. It lives Manchester, it breathes Manchester, just like its author.
It costs £8.78 (and if you give him £10, the change goes straight to the club.)
If you buy one book this year, make it “An Undividable Glow”

Friday, July 21, 2006

All day long

We will be Wombling in the snow and all that.
On Sat at La Stade de Gigg, its the return leg of the Supporters Direct cup v AFC Wimbledon.
FC lost 1-0 last year in only their 2nd ever game and this time will be hoping for revenge.
So far in this pre-season FC have done pretty well again Radcliffe and Altrincham, losing 3-2 and 3-1 respectivly but have played pretty well in both games, taking the lead and holding their own at Moss Lane, before being found out by the extra class of Alty.
Liam Coyne, Matty Taylor and Alex Mortimer have all come in and looked pretty good, Rhodri Giggs hasn't really stood out as yet, but I am sure he will. Looking last night and given his reliance on his right foot, and remembering his bros reliance on his left foot, maybe they could combine to become the ultimate footballer.
Been interesting off the field as well, with the mass stickering of a Radcliffe boozer and the site of the Alty yoof scattering from behind the goal. I am not going to comment too much on here, there are plenty of people doing that elsewhere, but all I will say, is despite it only being a couple of people, it is the whole fanbase who get tarred with it.
I think most of us have every faith in the club handling the situation, certainly the statement made, says so.
Anyway kids, minds on Saturdays game, welcome the Wombles with open arms, have a beer, buy Bradys book and most of all, mind your minges.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Melting in the Raccy heat.

How hot was that then? I mean there is hot and there is hot, and that was hot. Anyway...
It was good to see the boys again on Sat and start to get back into the swing of things again.
The meetings in the local hostalries, the songs, the dodgy burgers, it was like football had never been away (or does it just seem like that?)
Thought there was some good performances, esp the tall guy at the back, Liam Coyne, he looked good when I have seen him play for Leigh and if he signs on, he could well be a shrewd signing.
Swabber looked the part in the 2nd half, and that finish was superb. I can't say I was overly impressed with the performance of Mr Giggs, but I am sure he will come good, and the experience he will bring, could well prove to be valuable should he sign on.
I suppose with the heat being as it was, it was diffcult to really judge the performance, Alty this Weds, will hopefully be cooler and thus a proper reflection of team and players.
The issue of the day was the sight of Rob Nugent, not only with hair, but ginger hair!! Get it sorted Robert.
And was that the famous Leigh RMI worzel that came on in the 2nd half?
All in all, whilst a defeat, I thought the performance was pretty good all considered.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Saturday is Tiswas day

Well ok it isn't, but do you remember the excitment that, as a kid, you used to get at 9.25 (or was it earlier/later in those days, can't remember) when Tiswas was about to come on.
You see all the cooler kids watched Tiswas over Noel Tidybeard and his Swap Shop. It was the edge that Tarrant, James, Gorman et al brought to Saturday mornings, the anarchy, the sense of not knowing what is going to come next. Whilst all the squares were calling up Tidybeard, trying to swap their Rubicks Cube for a TCR set, us cooler cats were doing the Dying Fly dance and singing the Bucket of Water song. Whilst the anoraks were watching Craven bore us with the latest country news and info, the dudes amongst us were waiting for The Phantom Flan Flinger to do his magic.
Swap Shop had Cheggers, Tiswas has McCoy (a future Dr Who as well), Tiswas had Sally James, Swap Shop had Maggie Philbin for crying out loud.
The point of this spot of kiddies nostalgia?
Well Saturday is FC day again, and this coming Saturday, the cooler kids will all be playing out at Radcliffe Borough and no doubt in The Last Orders.
Saturday is FC
Never a day to miss see
Cause Saturday is Fc Daaayyyyyyy

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Nearly time again.....

Its official. Summer ends on Saturday July 8th. Why? Because that is the date of the 1st FC United friendly away to Flint. Well ok its a reserves friendly, but even better as its another moment in FC history. The 1st game ever to played by a FC United ressie team.
Time to dust off those shirts, dig out the flags and banners, maybe keep the bar scaves at home, not sure they will be needed and get out there and cheer Tony Cullens lads to their 1st victory, the 1st of many no doubt.
I myself, will actually be in Budapest, but will be in North Wales in spirit.
There is another milestone this week as on the 5th July 2005, the club was officially formed, names and badge designs agreed and a board put in place.
How far this club has gone in such a short time, the amount of goodwill it has generated over the year has been amazing. Of course there has been some resistance, but that was always to be expected, so on 5th July, raise a glass of something cold and be proud.
By the way the ressies will play in NWCL ressies league and play their games at (H)Abbey Hey.