Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Pie update

Its been a few weeks since my last update, apols and all that, been busy with erm well getting on with my sorry excuse for a life.
Now I feel its time for a pie update. As you know, pies are an integral part of life following FC and also on this blog.
To be honest on the pie front at FC games it has been a poor show. I didn't manage to get one at St Helen's as the queue was always far too long, Hyde I partook in a BBQ burger as I felt it would be rude not to, and as they didn't sell pies in clubhouse at Chorley (and that is where I spent most of the day, apart from during the game) I didn't sample them there neither. Though last year, they were good, and so there is a sense of disappointment on that score.
At Alty, despite saying I wasn't spending a penny in the ground, I decided that being hungry was far more important than any principles and so bought a burger yet again. I worked on the adage that as it smelt good, it must taste good.
It didn't.
The best pies so far this season, have been at non FC games. Step forward both Atherton clubs, Colls and LR.
Both have produced top quality pies.
The Meat and potato at Colls, full of peppery potatoie goodness, the sign of a good pie. At LR, for £1.20 you can get a meat pie full of lovely gravy and peas. Beats the lukewarm Gigg Lane rip offs any day.
I have my fingers crossed that the next few home games will bring some quality pieage, I have high hopes for Brodsworth (any spares?) though if they try and serve me a pie in one of those large Yorkshire puddings, they will know about it!!


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