Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Its Nigel Jay from Abbey Hey

Saturday was another big day in the history of Fc United. Nope not the 1st cup win. Maybe the fact that there was away fans at Gigg? Nah.
Its was the release date of “An Undividable Glow”, the book charting the start and 1st season of FC United, seen through the eyes of the one and only Mr Robert Brady.
The book starts on Oldham Street on the way to Cardiff and charts the FC cup final, Rob's (and many others) last Utd game, through to the steering group meetings and the official formation of FC United of Manchester. It then goes on to tell the story of the season in a way only Robert knows how to.
I won't let you know what happens (I can't I am only 4 chapters in) but I can say without fear of being wrong, that Robert has written a masterpiece. If you are familiar with his, shall we say, unique writing style, seen in UWS and RI, then you will go straight into it without a problem. If its the 1st time you have been faced with it, it can be a little daunting, but stick with it, it will be rewarding trust me. And also bear in mind, that this is a toned down Brady.
As Robert has said, it is a love story, but that doesn't mean that its all sugary, it is critical at times (from what I have read so far), but it is also funny, touching and moving. I would say that by the end of reading it, it will have had the reader laughing, crying and shaking their heads all on the same page.
Its Manchester born and Manchester read, he wanted it printed in Manchester. It lives Manchester, it breathes Manchester, just like its author.
It costs £8.78 (and if you give him £10, the change goes straight to the club.)
If you buy one book this year, make it “An Undividable Glow”


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