Friday, July 21, 2006

All day long

We will be Wombling in the snow and all that.
On Sat at La Stade de Gigg, its the return leg of the Supporters Direct cup v AFC Wimbledon.
FC lost 1-0 last year in only their 2nd ever game and this time will be hoping for revenge.
So far in this pre-season FC have done pretty well again Radcliffe and Altrincham, losing 3-2 and 3-1 respectivly but have played pretty well in both games, taking the lead and holding their own at Moss Lane, before being found out by the extra class of Alty.
Liam Coyne, Matty Taylor and Alex Mortimer have all come in and looked pretty good, Rhodri Giggs hasn't really stood out as yet, but I am sure he will. Looking last night and given his reliance on his right foot, and remembering his bros reliance on his left foot, maybe they could combine to become the ultimate footballer.
Been interesting off the field as well, with the mass stickering of a Radcliffe boozer and the site of the Alty yoof scattering from behind the goal. I am not going to comment too much on here, there are plenty of people doing that elsewhere, but all I will say, is despite it only being a couple of people, it is the whole fanbase who get tarred with it.
I think most of us have every faith in the club handling the situation, certainly the statement made, says so.
Anyway kids, minds on Saturdays game, welcome the Wombles with open arms, have a beer, buy Bradys book and most of all, mind your minges.


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