Friday, December 22, 2006

Its been a few months

And in the new year, hopefully I will update this more regularly. Been a bit slack, and to be honest my UTB column was taking all of my creative flow.
Anyway, as a crimbo pressie to you all, and just in case you missed it on the official mailout, here is my account of the day when Leigh branch brought along 2 football teams to the Stone game.
When the Leigh branch formed back in January, one of the things the members wanted to do was to include the local community in it and in FC United in some way. During our meetings we decided that we would try to bring some local kids along to a game. The Stone Dominoes game was chosen and the two teams selected were Westhoughton Juniors (their manager is a branch member) and Astley Miners, both U15 teams that play in the Bolton Boys and Girls Federation.
Contact was made with both teams, they were enthusiastic, and also the club. John Thomason came down to one of our meetings to let us know the many ways the club could help, both on the day and also the different community schemes that the club has in place.
So the date was agreed, the teams primed and readied, it was down to the day itself.
The branch had organised transport for the teams to Bury, and onto the game where they would meet a couple of players, watch the game, and be ferried back home.
The day actually started with a training session at Broad Oak School, Bury arranged by FC. The training consisted of a few drills and a short match at the end. The teams seemed to enjoy this and hopefully they got something out of it.
After a quick change, it was all back on the bus for a pre ordered meal at that world renowned Michelin rated restaurant, McDonalds, then onto Gigg Lane.
When we arrived, the teams and helpers were ushered into the ball boys room for a question and answer session with Josh Howard, Steve Spencer and Leigh branch patron Rob Nugent. After a slow start, the questions started to flow, “Do you get paid” (nothing like getting straight to the point!!) “Would you consider leaving FC and what would it take?” and “Are you all still United fans?” (the look on Steve Spencers face was a picture!)
After around 50 mins of questions and answers, the players signed all the programmes that were thrust under their noses and after a quick look at the flags going up in the South Stand, we were ushered out again.
After a quick drink in the social club, it was time to dish out the tickets and get into Gigg for the game.
Unfortunately, the tickets were for the Main Stand, which for a committed MRE dweller was difficult.
Despite a draught that would have frozen the brassiest of monkeys and an atmosphere in there akin to Leigh Library, the lads, enjoyed their game particularly the twirling bar scarves.
Thankfully (in the end) the team served up a goal feast, so everyone went home happy. All that remained to do was to get everyone back on the bus, and raffle off the 2 signed balls and 2 signed pennants that we had purchased and had signed.
Overall the day was a success, the club were a superb help throughout and hopefully the two teams enjoyed their day and who knows maybe we will have some new fans for the future