Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Well that's that then

A bank holiday weekend over and what did we have?

Well there was the United for Alex auction on Thursday and a top time was had by all, then there was the Manchester Passion on Friday and I went out for a pretty good Thai meal, Sunday and Monday was spent visiting relatives etc and erm, that is pretty much it really. Nowt else happened really I don't think....eh?......wha?....match on Sat? Ahh yeah there was some friendly match at Clit-heroe wasn't there, but that was pretty uneventful though wasn't it?

Wasn't it?

Nah was it balls!!

Results elsewhere in NWCL 2 contrived to make Fc United the champions in their 1st ever season. And it was celebrated as it should have been, with fans and players on the pitch together, not with champagne but with stella. And to top the day off, having a few bevs in the Bull in Astley on Sat, who should come in and join us, but the mighty Phil Power and his wife. A big thanks to Phil for not only coming over to join us, but for putting up with being mithered to death by a drunken ejit (yes if you are reading this is an apology)

But what better way to celebrate a title win. Now for the party on Sat, that's the one thing about FC, we know how to throw a good party


Tuesday, April 11, 2006

What was that weather all about?

A blizzard a week before Easter? Still it just added to a fun packed day out at Port Vale.
So what did we have?
* A bizzare coach that had a strange 2 seat one side, 3 seat the other side get up.
* A banner that was put at the coach window upside down so it looked like we were getting some German practise in a few weeks early
* A man in a pink polo shirt with a muzzy and a plastic gun.
* The coach driver kicking off with the car park steward.
* Some sort of till roll being handed round over peoples heads.
* Micheal Shields annoucement at half time.
* A linesman who didn't seem to understand the offside rule.
* The worst penalty known to man (did it actually hit the corner flag?)
* A coach driver who doesn't shut up and hands out his passengers chocolate to all and sundry
* A miserable goalkeeper who tells opposing fans in the bar to get out of his way
* One of the Norton players buzzing his tits off on something( he must have been, was far too giddy)
All in all just another strange but funny day following FC away. Roll on the next one.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Who would have thought it

On May 12th 2006, exactly 1 year since the Ginger Beard took over at M16, FC United will step out on to the pitch to play a European Away game. Not a Euro away in Blackpool, a proper bone fide Euro away, where you have to fly to, spend Euros and everything.

At some point between 7pm and 8pm on Friday 12th May, FC United will play Lokomotive Leipzig in Germany.

Now I thought as of last year, that my days of travelling to Europe to watch matches were over, but no, a friendship (not friendly) game has been organised, and flights have been booked, hotels sorted, train tickets paid for, and now all we need to hope for is that the Germans have stocked up on sausages, beers and for some, Fräuleins as FC United are in town.

There will be a fair old mixture on the trip, old Euro away veterans, euro away virgins, mums and dads with kids, but come 12th May, listen for the roar as Chaddy leads the team out on the continent for the 1st time. It will be drunken, it will be loud, but most of all it will be proud, and a perfect end to our inaugural season and a measure of how far we have come in such a short time.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Any more Pie?

Forget the overpriced tickets, the sanitised atmosphere, the jesters, Sky taking over kick off times, the biggest problem with top flight football in the past few years has been the catering. Overpriced vans outside grounds selling shite burgers and grotdogs (the exception being Porky Pigs and the Caribbean guy at Old Trafford and the Gazza burgers up at Boro, a burger with Donner meat, heaven on a bun.)
Going to NWCL games has opened a whole new chapter in football cuisine, the humble pie. Now having an aversion to all things Wigan, this may surprise people but ohhh I love a good pie me, and I have found some belters this season.
The season got off to a blinding start at Leek, with a fantastic pie, pea and gravy combination that only cost around £1.50. It may have pissed down, I may have had my jeans stuck to my legs, but I consumed a king pie.
Northwich also threw up a pie/peas combo, which whilst good, was more expensive and served from one of those burger vans, thus ruining the whole ambiance of food being consumed. The pies at Accrington also suffered from this blight as well.
Chorley was another fantasic pie and pea day, helped on its way by the copius amounts of alcohol that was taken on board. The only problem here was the runny peas which ended up on the front of the Henri Lloyd (though no one bothered to tell me)
In fact the worst pieage moments have been at Gigg Lane, a luke warm Balti effort, and at Bloomfield Road, a cack meat and pot effort, and both at league grounds. Coincidence? I think not.
So the award for pie of the season goes to..........de de deeeeee.....Leek CSOB for their opening day pie and peas.
Yum yum.

United for Alex appeal

Ok so we are pretty much a family at FC United,and in a family you look after your own. One of them is young Alex Croft. If you need to know what this is about click the United for Alex link on the right hand side, read it and get your hands in your pocket and as Sir Bob would put it "Give us yer fecking money"
Have a look at the events planned, find out how to donate, sponsor, make a bid on the auction lots. Don't just think about it. DO IT!!!
Just in case you can't see the link
Look at it now people. Please?

Soon be the end of the season

Where has it gone? Its April and this month the NWCL div 2 (much better than Moore and what ever it is) draws to a close in the next few weeks. Though looking at some of the games in hand some teams have, looks like they will be competing with the World Cup for attention.
But what have been the highlights so far?
Well there has been so many, its hard to choose one so I won't (well its my blog, my rules.)
The actual formation and realisation of the fact that you can start a club from scratch is one thing that stands out and also that all the members own a piece of it and have a say in its running.
Blackpool away has to stand out, after all the build up all season, could it actually live up to what had been said. What the feck do you think? It was all that and more besides (well the bits I actually remember)
Hopefully in the short period of time we have left in the season, there will be the highlights of promotion and a title win.
And on that dark day of May 12th, that was something that seemed far far away.